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Students who elect to register for a graduate PLA must be enrolled graduate students at Thomas Edison State College. This proposal form should be submitted at least two weeks prior to the close of the registration period for the semester requested.

All PLA course selections must be approved by the School of the graduate program in which you are enrolled.

Please select the School in which you are enrolled:*

Please select the semester you plan to take your PLA:*

Last Name:* First Name:* MI:
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Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) may not be done for physical education courses, field experience, student teaching, cooperative study, practicums, current independent study, internships, seminars, lab courses or other courses whose subject matter may be inconsistent with demonstrating prior learning through a narrative-centered e-portfolio process.


I acknowledge that the information I submit to Thomas Edison State College on this form and in my PLA courses is true and correct. I understand that willful failure to give accurate information is considered adequate grounds for dismissal from the College and for revocation of credits granted.

Thomas Edison State College is committed to providing reasonable accommodation for verified disability. If you would like information on reasonable accommodation for disability, please contact the ADA coordinator at (609) 984-1141, ext. 3415 (voice), (609) 341-3109 (TTY).


I. If the PLA you plan to complete is based on another credit-earning option offered by the College, please provide the following information:

a. Course Title: 
b. Course Code: 
c. Credits (semester hours):

II. If the PLA you plan to complete is not based on another Thomas Edison State College credit-earning option, you may select a course description from another regionally accredited college. The description must come from a catalog that is no more than two years old.

a. Course Title:
b. Course Code:
c. Credits (semester hours):
d. Name of the college where you
found the course description:
e. Year the catalog was published:
f. Page on which the description appears or a working link to the description:
g. A copy of the course description:

III. Briefly describe the experience you will bring to your PLA e-portfolio. This will be reviewed for approval by the relevant School within the College.*

THIS IS NOT A REGISTRATION FORM. By submitting this form, you are declaring your intent to develop a graduate PLA Portfolio. You will be informed when you are cleared to register. STUDENTS CANNOT REGISTER ONLINE FOR GRADUATE PLAs.

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