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(Standard Certificate - 0106)

Please note that this form is for use by students who have completed the Master of Arts in Educational Leadership (MAEdL) program at Thomas Edison State University and who seek New Jersey Administrative Certification (Standard Certificate) with the endorsement of Supervisor.

To apply for this certificate directly through Thomas Edison State University, please complete this online form and send to us the following documents:

Graduates of the MAEdL program at Thomas Edison State University do not need to submit transcripts.

A copy of a valid standard New Jersey or equivalent out-of-state instructional or educational services certificate.

Signed documentation evidencing completion of three years of successful full time teaching or educational services experience under a valid provisional or standard New Jersey or equivalent out-of-state certificate. Such documentation includes an original letter from a school official (Principal, Assistant Principal, Human Resources Director) that includes information about full or part-time status, specific assignment and position(s) held, and dates of employment.

Completion of the NJDOE Oath of Allegiance and Verification of Accuracy Form available at:

Evidence of completion of the Thomas Edison State University professional development module series: “Harrassment, Intimidation, and Bullying Prevention”.

Please send all documents together to the attention of:

Thomas Edison State University
Heavin School of Arts and Sciences
101 W. State St.
Trenton , NJ 08608-1101

Fax: 609-984-0740

Receipt of your application and supporting materials will be acknowledged. We will obtain a copy of your Thomas Edison State University official transcript on your behalf. If you do not receive an acknowledgement, please contact us at

Though you may complete this application at any time, please note that processing of your application will begin once you have officially graduated from the MAEdL program. "Please note that the graduation process is separate from the certification process, and you must officially graduate from your program in order to receive your certification. Information regarding graduation is available at" We are unable to certify your application until your degree or certificate has been conferred. We will review your materials and certify your eligibility for applicable endorsements directly to the New Jersey Department of Education on your behalf. No further action on your part will be necessary. Should any questions arise, we will be in contact with you directly.

Application processing time typically takes between six and eight weeks. Certificates will be issued directly to you by the New Jersey Department of Education.

Applications received after the deadlines noted below will be processed after the next scheduled deadline. You must apply for certification within one year of your graduation date; we will not be able to process applications on your behalf after this time period has elapsed.

Deadlines for application submission:

January 15
April 15
July 15
October 15

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